State of the Art R&D and Product Development Services

Bocchi Laboratories offers an in-house state of the art research and product development lab. Let our highly experienced staff help take your new product from initial concept to successful reality. Our Research and Development staff is talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated to creatively developing products to meet your specific standards and characteristics.  Within the R&D staff is a regulatory team dedicated to making certain that your formulas and products are in compliance with the current marketplace. The entire Bocchi Labs Research & Development Team is expert in applying the most advanced science and technology to guarantee that your customized formulations are unique in the marketplace and will consistently meet the highest industry standards for purity, quality and efficacy. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our R&D facilities to remain on the cutting edge. Our FDA registered, OTC drug-licensed facility is capably equipped to manufacture a wide variety of personal care, cosmetic, beauty, skin care, organic, upscale, pet and household items to the highest quality standards.

Meeting_CasualExpert Project Planning and Management Services

As a true high-capacity, full-service contract manufacturer, we can expertly guide you through the sea of complexity involved in developing and producing the highest quality products to bring to market. Our project planning team is truly expert in mapping out and managing all of the details involved in the product research, development and manufacturing processes. They will always be there for you to rely upon every step of the way.

Whether it is creating a new product or reverse engineering from a benchmark, Bocchi Laboratories has the expertise to research, evaluate and develop your concept. Having the flexibility to meet all of our customers requirements is foremost in our operating strategy. We employ the best of modern technology combined with the hard work of highly qualified individuals to offer you the base you need to build, rebuild or expand your product line. We offer new, innovative products as well as the staples that make up the foundation of your product line. You can always feel confident that we have the right knowledge and experience needed to make your personalized formula perfectly fit your marketing goals and needs.