Bocchi Laboratories is a premiere full-service contract manufacturer with true professional expertise and decades of experience producing a wide range of cutting edge health, beauty and personal care products – all developed and manufactured with the highest regard for quality, efficiency, and safety. Bocchi Labs is a proactive vendor partner dedicated to only the highest levels of quality in every service we offer. The entire Bocchi Labs team is highly experienced and motivated to helping our customers in every way possible to achieve their goals of creating and producing the very best quality products, economically and efficiently, to offer their own valuable customer base.

In today’s highly competitive economy, businesses of all sizes know more than ever how the costs of maintaining the highest standards of quality and services impact the bottom line. Bocchi Laboratories constantly evaluates the challenges that marketers face in the fast-moving consumer goods market, providing the extra edge that will enable your company to supply high quality, specialty products at competitive prices. We are a partner your company can rely on to safeguard your profitability.

BeGreatSignOur Primary Focus

At Bocchi Labs, our primary focus is always on improving every process in the important project planning, management and manufacturing production chain. By challenging ourselves daily to go beyond simply being good to truly being great in all that we do, we are effectively able to rise above the usual status quo consciousness found with so many contract manufacturers, where the customer is promised the sky, but usually receives only “pat” solutions and by-the-book generic product formulations. We understand that for us to succeed in our highly-competitive industry, we must do everything in our powers to help you, our customer, succeed. Together, we can forge an effective partnership to make that success a reality.

Our Promise to You of Confidentiality

Confidentiality is always of paramount importance in everything we do at Bocchi Labs. We do not produce our own proprietary lines – our only job is to achieve the highest quality product efficiently, economically and in a timely manner for you, our valued customer. You can rest assured that your interests will always be our main focus.