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Our Expansive Southern California-based Facilities

Our combined 225,000+ square foot research, production and warehouse facilities located in sunny Santa Clarita, California offer both the high-volume capacity, efficiency and high standard of quality our discerning customers demand. Bocchi Labs operates on a large campus spread over multiple buildings conveniently located in the panoramic surrounds of Santa Clarita, famous for TV shows and movies filmed in its many scenic locales. The surrounding Santa Clarita Valley captures the true essence of the “Way Out West” pioneering spirit. Unknown by many, this area was actually the site of one of the earliest big discoveries of gold in California, some time before the world-famous discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill. Today’s equivalent of the Gold Rush is represented by the many fine and successful companies that now call Santa Clarita their home. We are proud to be in their company.


BocchiLabs_SatViewBocchi Labs’ expansive facilities include a large and ever-growing complex of highly specialized departments, all housed within our sprawling campus and all dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in planning,  research and manufacturing. On site warehousing of raw materials, packaging components, formula batches and ready-to-ship finished goods requires an expert team of highly proficient individuals who work efficiently and effectively together to keep everything running like clockwork – and the Bocchi Labs team takes great pride in being one of the very best in the industry.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our 86,000+ square foot production plant contains 34 tank configurations (500-6,000 gallons) for liquid and emulsion products, 15 alcohol manufacturing tanks – (1,500-3,000 gallon) for non-aerosol applications including hairspray, body sprays, and antibacterial gels, and 14 holding tanks (4,000-6,000 gallons).

Our manufacturing facilities offer exceptional product filling capacity with 16 filling lines that include 7 liquid filling lines, 5 alcohol filling lines, a hot pour filling line with cooling tunnel, and 3 tube filling lines. Our highly-efficient direct shipping and distribution services are available in our separate 96,000+ square foot warehouse facility. We are constantly investing in expanding our services and capabilities to offer our customers the best contract manufacturing services available, while always striving to add the qualities of agility and flexibility to our culture of responsiveness in order to fully serve all of our customers’ needs.


Processing and Filling

Bocchi Laboratories batch processing and liquid filling departments utilize the finest modern production equipment available.

  • Multiple high-speed filling lines.
  • Pacific bottom up rotary fillers at speeds of up to 275 containers per minute.
  • Norden tube fillers with latest technology for superior crimping and tube aesthetics. Including Design-A-Seal® tube sealing in an eye catching “Dome” shape. We currently offer these unique shapes in 2″ and 1.5″ diameter tubes.
  • Resina and Pac West automatic screw cappers.
  • Automatic unscramblers.
  • VideoJet Coders.

In-Line Label Application

Bocchi Laboratories also offers a wide variety of packaging options to display and feature your products for the most favorable point of sales presentation possible.

  • Wrap around labelers.
  • Front and back labelers
  • Bottom labelers.

Our high-quality label application machines can accurately apply opaque or clear labels on square, oval or round bottles with ease.